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Why Start a Local Chapter

Having a local chapter in Metro Vancouver would:

  • Provide professional development opportunities that In the future can be certified by EIC for PDH / CEU.

  • Create a collaborative environment for energy professionals to further energy conservation in the Metro Vancouver region.

  • Provide students with an opportunity to network with industry professionals and promote awareness of the AEE / CIET.

Additionally, AEE will recognize chartered local chapters and provide these additional benefits:

  • AEE provides an annual appropriation to chapters based on meeting attendance of national AEE members.

  • Awards programs recognize outstanding performance of members on local, regional and national/international levels.

  • Scholarship program is available to assist students in chapter area.

  • Chapters and individuals are recognized in the chapter section of Energy Insight newsletter and on the AEE website.

  • The Chapter Leadership Meeting held during AEE’s annual Congress provides a forum and assistance to chapter officers.

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